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  Below are applicable links to Joe Gallaher's SHARE presentation in Anaheim on Feb. 28, 2011 entitled Resume Writing 101: A Real World Guide for the Mainframe Systems Programmer.  Please send me a copy when you get it done.  Check out my presentation reviews on LinkedIn.

PowerPoint Webinar:  81.4 MB (85,410,903 bytes)
This is a narrated PowerPoint presentation that recreates my SHARE session on writing a mainframe systems programmer's resume.  I made this because many of the slides do not make sense without the accompanying audio explanation.  I highly recommend spending the 40 minutes and 23 seconds it takes to watch this video -- you will get a lot more out of the session than just viewing the slides.
PowerPoint Slides:  590 KB (605,097 bytes)
These are the PowerPoint slides from the SHARE presentation.
SHARE Link: Phoenix SHARE Presentation: Writing the Definitive Systems Programming Resume, March 13, 2019
This is a link to the SHARE website description of my latest iteration of this presentation (it will be the 12th time I have given it at SHARE).
SPCI Article:
This is the original article I wrote for my newsletter in 2007 that this presentation is based on. It is a quick read. Recommended if you do not have the time or bandwidth for the webinar.
Sample Resumes: z/OS, CICS, Communications, Performance Tuning, Capacity Planning, DB2/IMS
These are links to six sample resumes that accompanied my 2007 resume article.
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If there is any way you think I might improve my presentation, constructive criticism is always welcome.  I can be reached at 323-822-1569 or

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