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Department of Transportation Apr. 2003-present Lead z/OS Systems Programmer
Acme Anvil May 2000-Apr. 2003 Sr. Systems Programmer
June 1998-May 2000 Lead Operator
Nov. 1994-June 1998 Operator


Apr. 2003-

Department of Transportation

Lead z/OS Systems Programmer - Contracted to DOT through SAIC (2003-2004), OAO (2004-2005), and IBM (2005-present) to provide onsite MVS systems programming support. Currently leading a five-person team responsible for supporting z/OS 1.7 and all associated subsystems running on two zSeries processors. This includes support for a large 5000 MIP, Parallel Sysplex environment comprised of 12 production LPARs. Accomplishments included:
  • Lead person responsible for installing z/OS 1.7 and setting up a Parallel Sysplex environment that supports large, complex CICS (CPSM) and DB2 (Data Sharing) subsystems. Previously participated in the installation of z/OS 1.4.
  • Implemented WLM for all LPARs and set up Goal Mode policies based on management-directed requirements. Utilized TMON/MVS and RMF reports to ensure performance goals were being met.
  • Provided extensive systems-related troubleshooting using IPCS dump analysis, TMON/MVS, TMON/CICS, TMON/DB2, NetView, and GTF traces. Also assisted in solving applications-related abends using Abend-AID and Expeditor.
  • Created IODFs using HCD to install a variety of hardware devices.
  • Coded REXX scripts to automate the Disaster Recovery process. Participated in several successful D/R tests.
  • Assisted with VTAM and TCP/IP configuration. Implemented SMTP, FTP, and Telnet services.
  • Performed ad hoc DFSMS storage administration support for over 30TB of data. Coded ACS routines to automate, streamline, and verify numerous backup-related functions.
  • Automated numerous systems-related tasks using OPS/MVS. Also coded (ALC, REXX) an automated IPL startup and a one-command process for a complete shutdown on all LPARs using SVC34, STIMER and ASVT lookup.
  • Provided SMP/E installation and maintenance for a variety of program products, including TMON/MVS, TMON/CICS, and Abend-AID.
Nov. 1994-

Acme Anvil

Apr. 2003
Sr. Systems Programmer (May 2000-Apr. 2003) - Senior person on a two-member team responsible for systems programming support for z/OS, CICS, DB2, VTAM, security administration and storage administration. Duties included:
  • Sole person responsible for installation, customization and testing of z/OS 1.2. Previously assisted in upgrading from OS/390 2.7 to OS/390 2.10, including required upgrades to numerous OEM products.
  • Installed and customized CICS 4.1 for a 12-region MRO environment that supported 500,000 transactions a day.
  • Designed and coded SAS programs to extract and analyze SMF data and identify z/OS, CICS, and DB2-related bottlenecks. Adjusted Parmlib members and buffer pools to resolve performance issues.
  • Troubleshot systems-related problems using dump analysis, Omegamon/MVS, and Omegamon/CICS.
  • Designed and coded JES2 and CICS exits.
  • Assisted with capacity planning using BEST/1 Omegamon/XE products.
  • Converted mainframe security environment from ACF2 to RACF. Provided RACF adminstration duties including creation of user profiles, dataset profiles, and various other RACF classes.
  • Installed Tivoli Storage Manager and helped administer more than 2TB of backups per day.
  • Provided backup systems programming support for DB2.
  • Converted to RMM from CA-1.
  • Led several successful Disaster Recovery exercises.
  • Installed and customized Omegamon/MVS, Omegamon/CICS, SyncSort, Quickref, and FDR as well as numerous CA products.
Lead Operator (June 1998-May 2000) - [Insert Lead Operator job description here]
Operator (Nov. 1994-June 1998) - [Insert Operator job description here]


B. S., Computer Science (Magna Cum Laude), University of Maryland, May 1996.


WLM Implementation Workshop (IBM)
z/OS UNIX System Services Implementation (IBM)
z/OS Diagnostic Data and Procedures (IBM)
Parallel Sysplex Concepts and Facilities (TechKnowledge)
Parallel Sysplex Planning and Administration (TechKnowledge)
OS/390 HCD and Dynamic I/O Workshop (IBM)
IPCS/E Workshop (TechKnowledge)

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